COP this COP25

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Did you COP the tone of panic and authoritarianism radiating from COP25?  Radiating like some kind of heat wave or perhaps like a gigantic methane fart? We need action NOW right NOW, like immediately. Its for the childrun ya know.



Leave it to the experts















Perhaps we should ask the 800 scientists who signed the following declaration?











You see, there are still plenty of scientists who question the current approach.  That does not mean that they completely reject the contribution of anthropomorphic warming they simply believe that it only forms part of the picture. Even the third  IPCC Report says the following :

In climate research and modelling, we should recognize
that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear chaotic system,
and therefore that the long-term prediction of future
climate states is not possible. (Chapter 14,Section )]


The World Climate Declaration comes from an alternative conference which rebuts much of the climate dogma. (If you have 5 hours to kill watch the video LOL).

Could climate change become a security issue — and threaten democracy?

“The United Nations Security Council could, in principle, tomorrow decide that climate change is a threat to international peace and security.”  The United Nations may resort to military action against states that defy its mandates on global climate action.









The good news is that the bankers are jumping aboard the green bandwagon. We know that they have our best interest at heart and if you do not comply you “will be punished”  (BOE Mark Carnage)

Population panic?

Check out the following article: Don’t panic -the truth on climate and population

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