Counter Economy

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Counter Economy

You can shout “Conspiracy Theory” as much as you want but I guarantee you that we are facing a digital blockchain currency next year. I predicted as much last year on the 18th of September when the Fed started REPO.  I told my son that soon millions would be unemployed.  I did not know they would use a virus as the scapegoat.

The coming monetary system will capture everyone. They will either convert or bail-in on all savings. Once you are in the system there will be no escape.  Non-compliance will result in de-banking.  They will track and trace everything. They will be able to tax everything. They will be able to block any purchase they do not approve of.

You should be giving thoughts to alternatives right now….such as this website that lists business that accept Crypto, silver, cash or barter as payment.  It is a start. We need to see an explosion of websites and business like this.

Make local contacts with farmers and local farmers markets. People need to start building alternatives. Different ways of trading. Rely on community and build relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.  Start building alternatives now.