Death jab

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Death jab

Will this vaccine make you drop dead?  Probably not but undoubtedly it will come with long term vaccine damage. Who knows if it will give you cancer in five years or cause sterility?  The fact is that no one knows. How can they?  At the very least they are expecting ADR’s or Adverse Drug Reactions.

The figure of 90% efficacy is touted for a disease with a 99% survival rate. Which just goes to show that the human body’s immune system is sufficient in most cases. How can people be so unbelievably gullible?!   so, 90% is nothing to brag about…but even that is not true….look how they determined the 90% figure.   It was based on 94 people.  I think the results were goal seeking. They probably chose the best outcomes:

What is efficacy?

Article: The 3 Phases of Lies In Development of COVID-19 Vaccines

Conspiracy theory?

So you still think it is a conspiracy theory do you?  Will the British medical Journal convince you otherwise?

 This is crazy

The Pfizer vaccine needs storing at -72 F (-56 C) otherwise the RNA degrades.  It is the first time a vaccine is used that will change your DNA.  Now imagine you get some funky RNA…..or do you think it is possible to vaccinate millions without any glitches?  The whole concept is dangerous and experimental to say the least.  I suppose you could always opt for the Oxford vaccine (Astra Zeneca) made using chimpanzee saliva.  Which I call, the warp speed monkey snot vaccine.  If people still think any of this is normal they need a slap in the face with a wet fish.

The PCR domino