Dr. Richard Fleming interview

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Dr. Richard Fleming interview

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Dr Richard Fleming interviewed by Dr Kevin McCairn.   Of particular interest to me was the mention that PEG may play a role in the injuries that we are seeing.   Dr Ryan Cole who is a pathologist has been finding long rubbery clots in peoples veins during autopsies.

I am hoping that Kevin can get hold of some material and have a look at it.   I came across this article PEG–Peptide Conjugates by Ian W. Hamley where it says this under section 7:

7 PEG Crystallization Effects on Self-Assembly
For PEG of sufficiently high molar mass, crystallization is observed in the dry state. This can influence the nanostructure observed for PEG–peptide conjugates, for example, by TEM, where the specimen is dried. We have found that PEG crystallization can overwhelm peptide fibrillization if the latter is not strong. This was investigated for a series of PEG–peptide conjugates: FFKLVFF–PEG3k, AAKLVFF–PEG3k, and KLVFF–PEG3k. Fibrillization, as characterized in particular by the presence of a cross-β amyloid structure as well as by the macroscopic morphology, was disrupted for the conjugate containing the weak fibrillizer KLVFF, whereas fibrils were retained (on drying) for the conjugates containing the stronger fibrillizers AAKLVFF and FFKLVFF containing additional hydrophobic AA or FF units.

The clot looks like some kind of fibrin but is very unusual.Maybe some kind of polymerization?  The article also talks bout how PEG can be used to make hydrogel which interested DAPRA.  Carrie Madej used to go on about hydrogel nanotechnology in the same way that Kaufman banged on about exosomes.  They are both con-artists but perhaps they were running “spoiler” operations to make anyone mentioning these topics look crazy.  We know know that EV’s and exosomes can act like pseudo-viruses  and uptake the s-protein so perhaps the grifters were used to muddy the waters?  In any case PEG is interesting and the chemistry is advanced (I am only a bucket chemist). It is even used in Blood Substitutes to oxygenate blood.

Dr. Richard Fleming – Conflicts of Interest of Dr’s Robert Malone & Peter McCullough (1:44)

Very interesting information on Conflicts Of Interest.   

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