Dum Dum wants Gum Gum

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Dum Dum Gum Gum

This post is about Gumby Gumby and garden hacks.

This is tagged under Garden Health but includes my adventures with “bush-tucker” and my discovery of  Gumby Gumby which apparently means woman, woman in aboriginal language because the leaves were used for various female ailments.  I live ten minutes away from a shopping mall but also ten minutes from a nature reserve where I recently encountered Kangaroos.  When we go for walks we try to identify the flowers and plants. My son used a phone app that he downloaded afterwards and it Geo-located the plants.  That is worrying because it means that the app accessed the location data (after the walk) and was able to map the location to the plant.  Ingenious but also worrying. We took lots of photos on a three hour walk and among other things found a black olive tree and wild onions but the medicinal properties of Gumby Gumby interested me.  I tried the fruit before finding out if it was poisonous (which is Dum Dum) but a little taste showed it was extremely bitter. Despite its astringent taste the birds eat it so it is not poisonous just inedible but apparently the aborigines made flour from the seeds?   In any case the leaves are brewed into a tea so I picked some and will report on any experiments (if I survive).


Garden Hacks

I already do some of this.  Just poured out my coffee grounds on my onions.  I already save the plastic bottles and cut them down. My tomato seedlings (Russian Red) are growing well outside in mid winter.  I have them in hanging pots (off the ground to keep them warmer) and have put a cut down plastic bottle and cane mulch around them.



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