Dutch food wars

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Dutch food wars

This is Ken and he may come across as eccentric but he is a very intelligent original thinker. He translates ancient Pali, Greek and Russian and  writes books and articles on Metaphysics, specifically Neoplatonic, earliest Pythagorean Emanationism, earliest Buddhist and Upanishadic philosophy etc.  Among many other interests  he is a student of field theory and specifically magnetism, for which he has written a book on same now in its 3rd edition.  

I wanted to introduce his video “What is magnetism?” (very good) and some of his other stuff but too much is happening. He recently made this and had over 200k hits:

😨 It’s Happening! The NETHERLANDS ⚠️ (7 min)

Why are farmers in the Netherlands angry? | Inside Story (25 min)

What is happening to Dutch farms and what it means for UK (14 min)