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With friends like these… who needs enemies?   MBS Mohammad Bin Salman (son of Solomon).  But, does he have the wisdom of Solomon?  Solomon threatened to cut a baby in half to determine who the real mother was but MBS actually cut a journalist in half. Of course the “journalist” was probably involved in the earlier coup (Las Vegas shooting connection?).

This is what happens when corrupt Governments in the West support corrupt Royal families…and we won’t even get into the whole Bin Laden, Wahhabi, Afghanistan, 911, Mossad,CIA quagmire.  I think it is blow-back time.  Solomon and Biden deserve each other.  Just don’t cut him open.  You might not like what drops out (lolz).

Find Out Who Your Friends Are (5 min)

Saudi Arabia ABANDONS Petrodollar! (19min)