Gay Nation takes on Russia

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Gay Nation takes on Russia

Putin just made an OMINOUS nuclear warning, and the west better pay attention | Redacted News (13 min)

Is Putin a Savior?

The Jews created the dialectic. The left vs right. East vs West. They created the Nazis and they created the Bolsheviks and everyone is still falling for it. I don’t take sides in that I believe that they are all rotten. I certainly don’t want to live under a Chinese or Russian dystopia, but I am absolutely sick of all the lies put out by the West, and so when they are countered, I will give airtime to the opposite view.

The West “created” the East. It created the Bolsheviks and Communists. It created the Nazis then imported the Nazi scientist to make the bomb and make bio-weapons. The initial leaders of NATO were all Nazis. Turn over a stone and find a Nazi. Then the West used Nazi fascism coupled with queer Marxism to take over all the institutions. Then it corrupted Ukraine and supplied the Nazis there with weapons to poke the bear. Even former  Trotskyites became Neo-conservative fascists who used 911 and ISIS as a proxy to balkanize the middle east.

So tell me again who my enemy is? Tell me who is trying to kill me with injections? Is it Russia? Who wants to enslave me with CBDC? Is it Russia? Who wants to control my food supply? Is it Russia? Who exported all the jobs? Is it Russia? Who wants Net Zero energy? Is it Russia? So don’t you tell me that I am a “Russian shill” because I know who my enemy is and it is not Russia.

I will take the truth wherever I can find it and it is not coming from Western Main Stream Media.

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