Gene Therapy (Part 2)

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Gene Therapy (Part 2)

Brian deleted my comment on his previous video (but I re-posted it multiple times -lolz). He then rushed out this video which I would like to think was a response on my initial comment. I placed this comment under the new video:

This technology is not neutral it has been developed by people who are eugenicists and transhumanists. The correction of genetic diseases is a pretext to drive forward human evolution. Elon Musk is doing something similar with neuralink because such methods will help the paralyzed walk and the blind to see. Who would not want that? Only a monster lacking empathy would refuse treatments that alleviate suffering. These technologies raise important philosophical and ethical questions. Moreover, man thinks he knows better than nature and or God. This never ends well. Such hubris always results in unintended consequences. We are already suffering the blow-back of gene therapy experimentation (mRNA) and believe me when I tell you that the harm and death that has been done (whether intended or not we can debate) will be with us for decades and may even lead to inherited genetic defects.

Here is the original video:

Gene Therapy