German Health Minister

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The Culling

Now Sascha Stone and this “tribunal” may well be controlled opposition to guide us into the New Age and the “Great Awakening” (Problem,Reaction,solution) but what is being said here is true.  Trust no one.

This is in German use the settings for auto English translation. They are starting to admit.  Starting.  And they are starting to distance themselves and shift blame.  It is going to be far worse than they admit. FAR WORSE.   But don’t you worry, they have an mRNA cure for cancer.


One out of every 10,000 mRNA injections are causing vaccine injury. That’s 1 in 10,000 SHOTS, not PEOPLE. if the average vaxxed person gets 3 shots, that’s about 1 in every 3000 PEOPLE who are vax injured. A STAGGERING admission on live TV. – he is challenged by the interviewer on why he tweeted that the shots are essentially free of side effects. He calls that a “failed” tweet and says he misspoke. – he admits that the govt has been ignoring the vax injured and now he’s trying to get funds approved to set up treatment programs for them. – he admits that the pharma companies have made an exorbitant amount of $, and have zero liability for any injuries. And that the contracts signed by the German govt place all liability on the govt. and he says it would “be a nice gesture” if the pharma companies would donate some of their windfall profits towards a fund to treat the vax injured. – he distanced himself from the issue by claiming that he came on board as health minister AFTER the contracts with the pharma companies were signed so it wasn’t his call.

Noticias Repretel: Servicios de urgencias del San Juan de Dios están saturados

Emergency services of San Juan de Dios are saturated
Many patients entered the compound with heart problems.
The director of the San Juan de Dios Hospital, María Eugenia Villalta, affirmed that this type of event is an unusual situation and that at the moment they are only receiving patients in red condition.

This is in Spanish reporting on Costa Rica’s first hospital

However jab damages keep rising and here one of the countries biggest hospitals ER collapsed due to cardiac events non covid related. We also have like 5-6 people dying of cardiac events (and rising,) per day, 71% raise in heart attacks, 33% raise in diabetes deaths, similar number with hypertension, raise in cancer in young people, raise in maternal deaths,infant mortality (which had been going down for decades) and last year the lowest births in a decade. And the national statistics is giving skewed information based on projections but the actual raw data from maternity in hospitals is lower, at least 15 000 less births

They can’t hide it anymore

They can no longer hide the deaths so they will blame “long covid”  or “other variants”  and there is probably some truth in that. However, that does not let them off the hook either because who released the virus?  However, the bulk of the deaths come from the vaccines as countries that are unvaccinated (like Haiti) have low deaths (74 per million) wheras the other half of the Island (the Dominican Republic) that is wealthier and has tourism has 376 deaths per million and Australia is somewhere near 1,000 deaths.  Those are the official figures…official reported by governments as “Covid” deaths.    You can bet your boots it is actually much, much higher and they are hiding the Cause of Death (COD) and not doing autopsies in many cases. If someone dies of a heart attack was it Covid….was it the vaccine….was it neither?   Without rigorous systems it is easy to manipulate the COD.  We are being killed and made infertile.  Wake the hell up.  Smell the coffee.