Gigaohm Biological (23 Feb)

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Gigaohm Biological (23 Feb)

In this video Jonathan hosts a question and answer session with Charles Rixey who like Jay is an original Drastic member, a marine (ret) and a WMD expert. Charles investigated and analysed the pandemic right from the beginning. He has obtained documents and emails and constructed a timeline. He has also archived the material to keep it from disappearing and he has also done extensive data analysis on the CDC stats.

The appearance of MHS3

The  discovery of a Moderna patent from 2017 that contained the FCS has confirmed lab origins.  That can no longer be argued.  See the previous stream for the article:

Blasted Liars

So now we know for certain that it was lab origin but was it an accident?   Jonathan is still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt but I am not.   I know that it was deliberate because they signed the “virus malware” with their 72 signature.  They are hackers. Computer code can be hacked with a virus (Trojan) and human code (DNA) can be hacked with a virus.  They want to replace your Operating System but they stuffed up.   Do you think it is a coincidence that Bill Gates started with computer software and then moved to vaccines?  This is not some fanciful “conspiracy”……they did it.

Gigaohm Biological (23 Feb) 2 hours

Pitchfork Time

Interestingly, Bret Weinstein dropped into the Live chat.  That could mean even more exposure. People are starting to notice. The Moderna CEO sold his shares and closed his twitter account and yet, in Australia, they still want to inject young children with Moderna. It is starting to fall apart.  Even the “normies” are starting to wake up.


 Panic…what can we do?

The hordes will be coming for us.  We will get blamed for all the deaths, injuries and destruction of the economy.  For the inflation we caused.  What can we do?  I know we will start a War and blame Russia for everything.   Look over there.