Gigaohm Biological 27 Oct

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Gigaohm Biological 27 Oct

Johnathan has said that watching the FDA approval process and all the malfeasance kept him awake at night. I am not surprised. They voted almost unanimously to jab children. They have deliberately politicized this and made it a left -right issue. They are lying about immunity and a host of other issues and they released a bio-wepon and propaganda campaign.  You need to know the biology to protect your children. You have the moral obligation to look after your children…learn the biology. I have turned the most important part of the video into tweets with 2 minute clips. It is imperative to get the message out.

Gigaohm Biological 27 Oct (1 hour 11 mins)

The Updated Review made by Jonathan containing all the links can be found and downloaded here -everything in this review is backed up with references to the latest scientific research. This is not someones “opinion”. These are facts.

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