Gut Bacteria

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Gut Bacteria

Everything eventually ends up in your gut.  Both the disease and the vaccine ends up killing your gut bacteria and therefore your immunity.  Your gut bacteria are necessary for your overall health including your brain health.

Dr. Sabine Hazan is a gastroenterologist and CEO of Progenabiome. She is an expert on gut bacteria. When she started studying the microbiomes of COVID-19 patients, she quickly noticed a pattern (see tweets below) the full video (very good) can be found here on Epoch TV.

“The people that had severe COVID lacked a certain bacteria called bifidobacteria,” she says.

In this episode, she breaks down how a healthy gut impacts people’s outcomes from COVID-19, and what steps people can take to improve their gut health and overall immunity.

The mother even passes on gut flora to her baby in breast milk (but also Spike Protein if she is vaccinated).


Increase your probiotics.  Eat fermented food.  Make your own Kefir milk and Kombucha. Eat healthy organic food (home grown if possible).  If you can’t do this get a poo transplant (lolz).