Illegitimate Zelenksky wants more war

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Illegitimate Zelenksky wants more war

Zelensky is no longer legitimate which means that his Government has no mandate to continue the war or to reject peace. He has no right to allow the citizens of his country to be forcefully kidnapped and sent to the front line to die. He has destroyed his country and is determined to drag Europe into a World War because he refuses peace. 

Swiss Ukr Summit Disaster, Leaders Stay Away, Reject Statement; Zelensky Wants Attack; Rus Advances (1:28 min)

Ray McGovern: Dangers of Misreading Putin (29 min)

Meloni Russia surrender mistranslation. NATO 500K troops. Weapons dealers make bank. Sir Rod booed (41 min)

SPECIAL: Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: Putin’s Offer of Peace (26 min)

Alastair Crooke: Europe In Mutiny (30 min)

🔴 NATO Troops on High Readiness for War With Russia | Syriana Analysis (1:06 min)

US sanctions China via Russia. EU agrees to cover $50B loan (49 min)