Incontinent on the Continent

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Incontinent on the Continent

After singing “Pooping in the free world”, Dear Leader sat down with a squelch (lolz). He was celebrating D-Day (Diaper day).
Sliding a Biden….I like it (lolz)

Did Biden Crap Himself At D-Day Commemoration Event?

AfD & Sahra boycott Elensky. Crimea squeezed. Youth will not fight Russia. Kaliningrad 100 nukes (44 min)

Ukr Terrible Day: Big Rus Missile Strike, Record Losses, Retreat; Quit Swiss Summit; Zelensky Berlin (1:30 min)

Kyle Anzalone : Anti-War Wrap Up (28 min)

FT, Zelensky bizarre decisions. F-16 dangerous scheme