Iran retaliates

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Iran retaliates

Seems like Iran have assassinated the Mossad chief.    An eye for an eye.  The whole world is about to go blind.

Breaking News: What appears to be a Signature of Iran Retaliation of an Assassination of Israeli Mossad Chief Fahmi Hinawi, southeast of Tel Aviv.

Signature of Iran Retaliation – Assassination of Israeli Mossad Chief


Legacy Media is Dead   

It is important to note the following – Legacy Media is Dead.

We are the news now.  Ordinary people writing and blogging and reporting and they hate it. All their lies and crimes are being exposed hence the Great Reset.   Do we always get it right?  No, we sometimes make mistakes……but they are honest mistakes.  Is the alternative media honest?  Like the Main Stream media some of the alternative media has been penetrated.  Some are “limited hangouts” keeping you distracted on a sub-section of truth but hiding the full picture.  In short….take away what you need….check and verify…..use critical thinking.

We are the News Now

We won’t stop