James Lovelock passes away

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James Lovelock passes away

James Lovelock featured in the video by Jason Bemas that I recently featured.  See there for the interview.  He was a big proponent of a reduced population (less than a billion) which he said would happen within the next one hundred years.  Well he set a good example by exiting stage left (lolz).  He had a good innings at 103 years old.  Pity that many of us will not be allowed the dignity to see out a healthy old age.  Apparently Lovelock was the inventor of the  Gaia hypothesis. All these people want to kill us to save the earth.


James Lovelock passes away (1919 – 2022) (UK) – BBC News – 28th July 2022 (3 min)

The Jason Bemas video with Lovelock clip:

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