Kevin and Walter discuss amyloid

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Kevin and Walter discuss amyloid

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Walter is a high IQ savant who reads medical and scientific papers and proposes hypotheses and Dr Kevin McCairn is a systems neuroscientist.  In this video they discuss amyloid and prion disease or protein misfolding.  It has been hypothesized for a long time that amyloid was the cause of dementia and other neurodegenerative  diseases. The aggregation of amyloid-β is thought to trigger a cascade of disease-causing processes such as inflammation, tau-tangle formation, synapse dysfunction and cell death, which ultimately leads to dementia. However….“The amyloid hypothesis has never been universally accepted, and the failed drug trials have only emboldened its critics”.  (The amyloid hypothesis on trial).  Basically, people who received treatments that dissolved the amyloid plaques did not show any improvement. This leads neuroscientists such as Dr McCairn to understand the amyloid as a signal or symptom of the disease rather than the causal factor.

Whatever the case might be, the Spike Protein is triggering problems all over the body particularly in high metabolic areas like the heart and brain and amyloid is at the very least a signal.

Dr McCairn has now raised $3600 towards lab work and that is about four days.  He is under DOS attack when he streams.  I have embedded the WTYL version and downloaded a version from Dlive and placed it on Odysee. The audio is slightly out of sync in that version and the frames freeze toward the back end but the audio is good.

WTYL version:

Kevin and Walter discuss Amyloid (2:20)

Odysee upload (embed):