Lab Origins and Vax Denial

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Lab Origins and Vax Denial

Here is a nearly four hour show from Dr. Kevin McCairn.  For those who have never listened to a stream it comes with a language warning and a “woke” warning because his shows are deliberately “anti-woke” which means his comments are often homophobic, racist, misogynistic, antisemitic or just unorthodox. Kevin is a systems neuroscientist who is published on tourettes  syndrome. He was doing work at the Korean Brain Research Institute (KBRI) and is a covid survivor (he was very poorly with covid) and he now lives in Japan with his family.  Kevin warned people one and a half years ago that covid (and the vaccine) would have neurodegeneartive effects.  He knows that academia has been captured by cultural-Marxism and the corporations and (Jewish) banker power.  If you point out the involvement of China that is “racist” or it is antisemitic to point out that Epstein was heavily involved as a philanthropist and “supporter” in many scientific circles and institutions.  Kevin has rightly observed that you cannot have a rational scientific, data driven debate with these people. The evidence clearly points to corruption and collusion.   Kevin has opted not to play their cultural-Marxist game but to fight on his own terms and that means not allowing them to co-opt language to frame the debate or allowing them to create “fictive” realities where boys can be girls etc. This is a full on onslaught against society, civilization and Christianity.  The twisting of language and use of semantics is pure Jewish Pilpul.  They have had centuries twisting the law of God (Torah) to prove that white is black and now they have broken the everlasting covenant by using the rainbow as a symbol of their perversions. God will not be mocked. And now they own the media and have captured Pharma and banking.  Kevin is moving toward a position of faith and qualifies that it must be balanced with reason. He believes that there is a “super ordinate consciousness”  and it is the mystery of existence and the numinous that inspired him to try to understand the human brain and its interface with the universe.    So, if you are easily offended don’t watch this but it is a great stream for keeping abreast of what is happening globally and debunking bad science (even from the alt media).  It is a form of open source intelligence based on information discovered by his followers (Raccoons from Raccoon City lolz).


The episodes can also be found on the Dojo and you can join the Discord. Kevin will answer any questions and is accessible.  The following timestamps are under the Dojo episode:

00:14:33 Start
00:18:32 News: “Klaus Schwab school for Covid dictators, plan for «great reset», videos”
00:23:27 News: “Austria plans to approve lockdown for the unvaccinated on Sunday”
00:24:57 News: “Israeli innovation is leading cybersecurity to unreached possibilities”
00:31:50 Video: China sees Covid-19 as biowarfare
00:36:52 News: “Five Eyes to Nine Eyes? China threat sparks call for wider intel sharing”

02:26:27 Editorial: Science Magazine “Self-inflicted wounds” by H. Holden Thorp Wikipedia: “He served as the tenth chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill”, “In 2013, Thorp resigned the position of Chancellor amid allegations of widespread academic fraud, which were later outlined in Wainstein Report”, “On August 19, 2019, Thorp was announced as the new editor-in-chief of Science Magazine.”