Magneto Genetics

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Magneto Genetics

The Magnet challenge is now all over twitter. Is it a trick or is it a pysop?


Just  watched the second hour of TLAV on bio-digital convergence and provided a summary. You can find the  video here:

Bio-digital Convergence(TLAV)


The reason that I am repeating the article is because I have summarized  the most important part of the video in a two minute tweet.  I think it is extremely important if you want to understand the “big picture”.

That is why  “Covid”  and the “vaccines” coincide with the roll out of 5G (2 minute video).


That is why they are giving away free phones etc.

All your data will be uploaded to the cloud and analyzed by AI. Your health will be constantly monitored and adjusted. Welcome to the Brave New World.