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Very interesting that Abramovitch who is herself a witch and opposes Trump refers to him as a magician or Magus (Maga Movement).

The Magician and The 15 Minute Cities (11 min)

I do not trust Trump.

HONEY POT! Most Trump Backers Say DA Protest Is A TRAP, NYPD Mobilizes 700 Cops, Erects Barricades- (3.33 min lolz)


I put up a woo-woo article up about UFO’s etc and the one thing that I did take away from those videos that I did agree with is when  they mention a mysterious third party.  That third party does not have to be a state entity but rather a corporate, banking entity that can hire mercenary armies, assassins and scientist and can play one party (the left) against another (the right). I have expressed the third party in this Venn-diagram as the eye of Horus because they are in essence occultists.