Major War in Europe

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Major War in Europe

🔴 Serbia’s President Drops Bombshell: All Signs Point to a Major War in Europe | Syriana Analysis (1:02 min)

Graham wants Ukraine resources. US lifts weapons ban. Elensky in Bundestag. Romania F16 trick (33 min)

Rus Defeats Ukr Volchansk, Takes Novoaleksandrovka; FT US Losing Faith Zelensky; F16s Romania Based (1:22)

Scott Ritter: Risking Nuclear War (26 min)

Douglas Macgregor Reveals: US Secrets Leaked! Iran’s Hypersonic Missile Threat Backed by Russia (30 min)

Larry Johnson Exposes: Putin Warns WEST to Prepare for Fatal Mistake- Germany Secret Attack Russia (49 min)

Ukraine has a DARK secret and Ukrainian families are DEMANDING answers | Redacted w Clayton Morris (21 min)


Col. Karen Kwiatkowski : Biden Justifies Attacks on Russia (26 min)

Scholz & Greens will learn nothing from election results (35 min)