Manufactured Food Scarcity

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Manufactured Food Scarcity


A large scale event that is manufactured -food shortage and collapse. They have to trick us to think it is our idea

Manufactured Food Scarcity and Reactions Are Next (1/2) –¬† 30 min

With supply chains clearly not able to deliver goods on time as was the case for the last 50 years, in 2022 food will be the item that becomes scarce, but that will spook society. Forget microchip shortages that may or may not recover in 2023-2024 so we can produce electronic goods again, reduced food equals hyperinflation and societal breakdown beginnings. Ryder Lee joins David DuByne again.

Here locally in rural area Florida we had 2 small town feed stores mysteriously catch fire, shortly after some big AG fertilizer plant in the state also had a fire...the first 10 seconds of this video has me seriously wondering now, as these 3 events happened within a day of each other, in cities not exactly near by. Anybody else experiencing things like this out of place and too coincidental?


How Will Farms be Protected from Flash Mobs (2/2) -21 min