Minority Report

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Minority Report

The main theme in the movie Minority Report is the ability to predict crime in advance – so called “pre-crime”.  Someone can be arrested for something that they are going to do in the future.  Of course, that is science fiction but something similar is occurring right now with the use of big data and  behavioral science. 

The use of smart phones and social media platforms together with machine learning and various algorithms means that groups or influencers can be targeted and steered (manipulated) in certain directions.  For example, it can be used to influence elections, manipulate riots or change public behavior.   It can also be used to select candidates (or rule them out) for positions – either in the security industry or government or even wider applications.  So, you may never get asked for a job interview because you are considered a risk, or unreliable etc based on a profile a la minority report.  This is already happening and Millie Weaver has released a documentary on  the tactics used with regards to the Trump election campaign and Russia gate. 

Whether you are interested in American politics or not I suggest you watch it because this transcends politics. This tool will be used everywhere and is in my opinion being used in the pandemic scare.   Millie Weaver got arrested jut before releasing the video and it has had 1.2 million views already (in less than 2 days). Recommend you watch it to the end.  First the report on her arrest:

Millie weaver arrested


What They Don’t Want You To See



As you can see the video has been removed by YouTube I am currently uploading a version onto BitChute that I will embed on this page. In the meantime you can find the video on the website banned.video – follow the link:




Ask yourself this

Are we being sucked into another psyop?   Perhaps I am getting totally paranoid now.  One thing is sure – the technology exists and it is being used.

It turns out that my suspicions were at least partly correct.  She has retained the Jewish lawyer Ezra Levant and started a Go Fund Me page which has already raised thousands.  The same lawyer is used by Tommy Robinson.  Millie Weaver works for InfoWars.  These are all Zionist outlets as is Pat Condell and GateStone institute etc (And X22 report etc). However, that does not mean that her report is untrue and regardless of any pro-Trump spin there is a bigger agenda afoot in which data is combined with behavioral science to manipulate outcomes. At this point in time everything is spin and manipulation. You have to dig hard to find the truth.