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Natural always best

The CDC’s weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report finally proves that previous COVID infection conveys immunity at least as good as if not better than that of fully the vaccinated (double jabbed), analyzing data from Delta variant illnesses in August of 2021. This is no surprise to any clinicians currently working in the field as well as the thousands of data scientists who have been tracking the statistics between outcomes in the fully vaccinated and previously infected for 2 years now. So why is it that just now, 2 years deep into this horrendous pandemic with so many lives lost, and MILLIONS of careers destroyed in its wake, that the CDC is finally getting around to analyzing the data to answer this immensely important question? The answer to this question is likely pure institutional corruption and incompetent bureaucracy, as we’ve seen played out over and over throughout this crisis. So the question now is, when will those responsible for this chaos and devastation be brought to justice?



CDC Natural immunity study…