New Axis of Evil

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New Axis of Evil

I am Dutch/Australian and we have a word to describe the Duchman Rutte as a Kwal because he is a spineless mietje.   He can only wish that he had the same domestic support as Putin who has more integrity in his little finger than the globalist milksop Rutte has in his whole body.  I am no Putin fan but when you look at the lying, traitorous, hypocritical, weak, woke Western leaders, they make him look like a saint.  My advice.  If you are in a hole stop digging and do not drag all of us into your nightmare.

Also, the retaliation from Israel that was so exaggerated in Western media, was actually a couple of drones sent to save face.  Iran has won this exchange.  They sacrificed drones and ballistic missiles in order to allow hypersonic missiles to get through.  Iran hit all their military targets without killing any civilians.  They sent a strong message to Israel-namely, we can take out your military infrastructure anytime we want and your Iron Dome is more like a Plastic Colander (lolz)

Mike Johnson, a new Axis of Evil. Orban, EU mood is ‘one of war.’ Rutte, Putin is not strong (25 min)

Ukraine math does not add up. Istanbul Plus (27 min)