New Zealand Reckoning

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New Zealand Reckoning

New Zealand is in for a RECKONING | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (19 min)


The reason she is leaving will be revealed eventually. Obviously she did not want to go but she was pushed.  One rumor was that she wanted to ban the Murdoch press or pas new disinformation laws.  She also does not want to allow Australian nuclear subs in NZ waters and she is very pro-China.  Here are some of the comments under the video:

More news has surfaced, here and it appears that she was at loggerheads with the Maori caucus. What they want is for their minority population to have its own separate government which would have certainly lead to Labours demise in the next election. The Maori caucus is causing massive racial division in our country and Ardern looks like was facing a lose-lose situation all round. But instead of toughing it, decided to run for it. I'm glad she's out mainly because of her actions against our population during the pandemic, but whatever rises from the rabble left behind could cause irreparable damage to New Zealand.
You guys missed her asset grab from Regional Councils around NZ - specifically water and infrastructure around drinking water, waste water and storm water (the 3 waters). Her government is seizing ownership and control of water in this country and giving 50% ownership to unelected tribal groups, so even if you collect water off your own roof you will need to pay someone that no one voted for. The scheme started off as 'voluntary', but after not a single Regional Council in the country agreed to participate, they quicker changed it to mandatory.

The checklist is missing some things... things that put her at odds with the US/Globalist agenda. She was pro-China, upgrading the NZ-CN Free Trade Agreement, not being on-board to blame China & offered for NZ to be a mediator to help Australia & China ease tensions. Also, she wasn't increasing the budget for military/weapons purchases from US.