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No credibility


In a Fox News video published on You Tube on Jul 24, 2018, Tucker Carlson argued that an Iran war would destroy Trump's presidency. Retired Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor warned that such a war would have wider implications dragging in Russia and China [1] and warned (nearly a year ago) that the Neo-Conservatives would use a “Gulf of Tonkin” false flag attack as an excuse for war. [2]   PressTVUK has produced a good video that lays out the events in a sequential manner and analyses them critically. [3] 

False Flag Cartoon

Ben Garrison Cartoon















Israeli News Live

Israeli News Live has a perceptive analysis that adds a lot more intelligence information. [4]  Over the past decade, Bolton has endorsed regime change in Tehran at the hands of the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran (MEK) an extremely marginal group with no support inside Iran but some support in the Diaspora. Only in 2012 did the State Department delist the MEK as a terrorist group, which is ironic in light of the fact that they recently listed the IRG (Iranian Republican Guard) as terrorists. In other words MEK has been restored to favour to foment trouble.   Both Bolton and Rudy Giuliani (from Trump’s inner circle) have spoken at MEK events at home and abroad and last fall Rudy Giuliani told Iranian dissidents in Times Square that regime change is “going to happen.”[5] According to the video it is these MEK dissidents that purchased Iranian patrol boats to conduct the false flag.  If this is correct then it bears uncanny echoes of the story related by journalist Seymour Hersh regarding a brain-storming session conducted with Neocons and Vice President Dick Cheney where it was proposed to build fake Iranian patrol boats and man them with disguised Seals for a false flag attack. [6] Of course, the CENTCOM video could be a simple rescue mission (as suggested on a previous post). There are many reasons to regard the official narrative as suspect.

Mysterious Blazes

Another interesting and under-reported fact is the Mysterious Blazes on Six Iranian Ships in Iranian Ports  [7] which according to the video was the work of mercenary frogmen hired by Saudi Arabia in response to the Houthi sabotage of their pipeline.

No Credibility

The retired American Politician Ron Paul says that  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's rush to judgement that Iran was behind the apparent attacks on two tanker ships last week has not galvanized world opinion against Iran, as the neocons hoped. Instead, it was met with high scepticism even among Washington's closest allies. Has the neocon practice of massively exaggerating and endlessly issuing threats finally destroyed US credibility on the world stage? [8]

They Lied: False flag meme

They Lied: False flag meme

















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Dark Sayings: Proverbs Commentary

Dark Sayings: Proverbs Commentary















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