No good guys

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No good guys

If you chose the least dirty shirt you still end up with a dirty shirt.

Kanye / eLon / tRump & dark money/ dark tech (46 min)

You still thing this is not staged? You see how that works? Problem, reaction, solution. People will ask for their enslavement and cheer Musk on as a hero. They will end up with the same CBDC and surveillance state that the globalists wanted to impose. Musk will make and release his X-phone and people will welcome their enslavement.  You think Musk reply, or the question in the tweet is random?

Meanwhile….on  the left…..

Are ye not entertained?  This is all deliberate.

This SOUNDS like a joke but it’s not, and it’s all part of a plan | Redacted with Clayton Morris (9 min)