Not Chosen

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Not Chosen

Having watched the the video (which was recommended to me) I decided to feature it again so that I could debunk it.


About the only thing I agree with in this video is the statement that Adam Green does not know his Bible but then neither does this guy (lolz). His exegesis is superficial and plain wrong. We start the debunk with the Adam and Eve Creation story at about 40 mins were he states that Adam blames Eve and sacrifices himself for Eve. Adam does not blame Eve he blames God (lolz) as in the woman that YOU GAVE ME…(Gen 3:12) and in turn the woman blamed the serpent. So we see the classic blame game but Adam clearly blames God in contrast with Jesus who lost none that God HAD GIVEN HIM (John 18:9). In Gen 2:21 Eve was created before the story of the fall so Adam did not sacrifice himself for her because that is chronologically incorrect. It is true that Adam was not deceived (1 Tim 2:13-14) which makes him more culpable (not less). He wanted to know what would happen so he observed the “experiment” and (seemingly) nothing bad happened. The differences between the creation accounts is deliberate and the so-called contradiction between the different creation accounts in Gen 1:27 and Gen 2:7 has recently been debunked in my article on First and Last Adam.

The main thesis of his video is that the Jews are not chosen. In order to demonstrate this he makes a distinction between Israel and Judah with Ephraim being the son of Joseph by an Egyptian wife. The tribe of Ephraim (a grandchild of Jacob) became synecdoche for the ten northern tribes and it is dichotomous to regard Israel as an exclusive term as it sometimes refers to all twelve tribes of Israel including Judah (Gen 49:28, Exod 24:4, Josh 3:12, Ezek 47:13, Luke 22:30) and at other times it refers to Ephraim (as representative of the the ten tribes) with the exclusion of Judah and Benjamin. So it is disingenuous to juxtapose Israel with Judah because Judah is a subset of Israel. It is therefore a flexible term. They are all tribes of Israel because Jacob (renamed Israel) was their father. The ten tribes of Israel were deported in c.700 to Assyria and dispersed and absorbed the remaining two tribes of Israel (called Judah) remained in the land (1Chron 5:26, 2Kgs 15:29, 2Kgs 17:5-6, 2Kgs 17:23, 2Kgs 18:11). The English term Jew is originally derived from the Hebrew term Yehudi (lit. ’of Judah’), which passed into Greek as Ioudaios and into Latin as Iudaeus, in turn evolving into the Old French term giu after the letter “d” was dropped. Here is a good article on “Two house Theology”

In the video Judah is depicted as the villain although Judah did many things wrong he was certainly not the villain in the story of Joseph (read my article on the tribal blessings). It is true that he suggested selling Joseph into slavery but that was because the other brothers wanted to kill Joseph. Judah convinced them to sell Joseph rather than murder him. Moreover, it is obvious he regretted deceiving his father Jacob because he offered himself as hostage (and his own sons) when it came to recovering Benjamin from Egypt. Benjamin was Joseph’s younger brother and the only remaining son of Rachel. This speaks of deep regret because Judah realized that they had robbed their father of his son Joseph (by his favorite wife Rachel) and now Benjamin the last of Rachel’s sons (on whom Jacob/Israel) doted was in danger of being expunged. The fact that Judah a son of Leah was willing to offer himself for Benjamin this half-brother by Rachel because he took pity on his father speaks volumes. It probably explains why the territory of the tribe of Benjamin is up against the territory of Judah in the south and why they are often both referred to as Judah. There was obviously a special bond between Benjamin and Judah that had historical roots. Moreover, the first king chosen by the people was a Benjamite (Saul) who persecuted the king from Judah chosen by God (David). So the history between Benjamin and Judah is complex demonstrating rivalry and competition but also friendship and loyalty. The house of Saul and the house of David end up making an everlasting covenant.

There is much wrong with this video. The Egyptians had hieroglyphs they did not have an alphabet. The Jews were the first to have an alphabet (proto-Siniatic, Paleo-Hebrew) that was also alpha-numerically linked to Gematria. The Phoenicians and Canaanites (related to the northern Kingdom trough the house of Omri) shared the alphabet and it was adopted and refined by the Greeks who also had an alpha-numeric system.

Ephrathite is not Ephraimite

The video makes fundamental exegetical errors and root word fallacy equating Ephrathite with Ephraimite. They are not the same. Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin. Jacob buried her “on the way to Ephrath (that is, Bethlehem)” (Genesis 35:19; cf. 48:7). and in Micah 5:2: “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah… demonstrate that Ephrath is a place name (suburb?) closely associated with Bethlehem in the territory of Judah. Moreover there is a woman called Ephrathah who was the second wife of Caleb, son of Hezron, son of Perez, son of Judah. (1 Chron 2:18-19 cf. 1 Chron 2:3-5) It is then likely that she took her name from Ephrath, the place where she was born which is associated with the nearby city of Bethlehem in Judah. When we see people referred to as Ephrathites, it means that they were Judahites from in or near the city of Bethlehem. His argument about the kinsman redeemer (Deut 25:5-6) with reference to Boaz in Ruth is frankly ridiculous as only a blood relative could redeem therefore Elimelech must have been a Judahite and Boaz must have been a Judahite making Obed a descendant of the tribe of Judah not of the tribe of Ephraim. The promise of kingship went through Judah until Shiloh (the messiah) not through Ephraim. Jesus traces his lineage to Abraham through David back to Judah (not to Ephraim).

After having watched the video I have no confidence that his understanding of Daniel or Revelation is any better ( I have more confidence in Adam Green lolz). I suggest that he read my commentary on Daniel and the Apocalypse(Scroll down for Table of contents) . It is just silly to say Jews have no right to call themselves Israel (they are all the sons of Israel) and to say that Israelites became Christians sounds like British Israelitism or Mormoism.  It would have been more fruitful to look at the term “chosen” and examine what it means to be a “kingdom of priests” at which task they utterly failed. It would have been more fruitful to look at the saying of Christ when he declared.. if you were the children of Abraham you would do the works of Abraham (John 8:39). The works of Abraham are works of faith and Israel after the flesh failed. Kinship to the father of faith comes from having the same faith animated by the same works not by blood descent. They are not all Israel which are of Israel. The takeaway is that the Jews are Israelites and they are disobedient.