Notification: Jiggering and Jaggering

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Notification: Jiggering and Jaggering

They nuked the Discord Server and kicked Dr Kevin McCairn and his community off the platform.  They are obviously making inroads and rattling some cages and treading on toes. Their unconventional attack methods and memetic wars is a bit like a hunting party beating the grass to discover what is lurking. Their two pronged attack on wokeism and bad science is really, really, upsetting them. 

Kevin can now be found here (not for the fainthearted):


You can also register at the McCairn Dojo:

Brendon O’Connell is also being censored on YouTube and is now having problems uploading to Gab. Gab prides itself on being a free speech platform run by CEO Torba (who is a Christian). It has become a hang out for ex-Trump supporters and conservatives. It has been under attack as “far right” by the main stream media. Torba changed the terms and conditions to include “antisemitism” which is a weaponized and meaningless term. The problems for Brendon began when he started criticizing Torba politely and asking if he would comment on Kissinger being in the White House with Jared Kushner. They are ghettoizing people (left/right) onto different digital platforms (echo chambers) before they break up the United States.