NZ Whistleblower

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NZ Whistleblower

New Zealand has removed a high-level administrator, who oversaw the entire government database from his position, after he went public with the proof that between 17-24% of people that took the Pfizer/Moderna shots were dead in one year!

Sometimes even AJ has good info.

Alex Jones lays out smoking gun of global depopulation. Ladies & gentlemen, we caught them red-handed! Top investigative journalist Steve Kirsch joins the broadcast to break down this huge revelation down and much more!

I forgot how much grifting AJ does (lolz) or how “religious” he has become  (lolz) even a Zionist like AJ has spoken out against Israel.

Emergency Information! Tune In NOW! High-Level Government Whistleblower Confirms Covid Vax Killing Millions! — FRIDAY 12/01/23 (2:09 min)