Oceania, Eurasia, Eastasia (1984-2024)

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Oceania, Eurasia, Eastasia (1984-2024)

Excellent Discussion….    Highly Recommended

You are the enemy
Men are worthless scum
Unless they fight for Empire
We don’t want to hurt you…you are making us do it.

They want to humiliate and demotivate you.  Full spectrum Dominance.

Pure Evil.

The only objection that I have is Kevin recommending CJB as he is a PsyOP.   He does a bait and switch like Adam Green.  They all start by attacking Christian-Zionism (which Jews love) and then they switch to attacking Christianity which has always….always been a bulwark against Gnosticism and Talmudic Judaism.   Destroying Christianity is leaving yourself completely open to the enemy. And saying that the East is somehow exempt is because countries like Japan have already been humiliated.  China has also been communised by the Jews.   They want a New Age Religion and it won’t be Christianity.

Onward Conscripted Soldiers “Op. Yellow Hammer”: With Gaslighting Gilligan & Iggy Semz (1:55)