Prisoner Of Mother England (POM)

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Prisoner Of Mother England (POM)

In Australia we are still POMs in that we are slaves to the Anglo-Zionist system that ran the British Empire.  You see, the Brits made a deal with the Synagogue of Satan.  It was the same deal offered to Jesus during his temptation but Jesus turned it down.  Satan offered him the kingdoms of the world and their glory.















The British Empire never went away. It operated covertly using the city of London to finance coups and wars and using the USA as the dumb muscle. Perfidious Albion made a deal with the devil. A Faustian pact.

What you see now is the beast in his death throws before the image of the beast emerges.  They are using biblical eschatology as a play book.  Running controlled opposition against God himself.  It will not end well.

There are no heroes in this. Elon Musk is not going to save you and neither is Orange Jesus (Trump). Even One Nation in Australia is ready to betray you.  They are all traitors.  All of them. What did Frank Zappa say before they killed him with cancer:








It is almost too expensive to maintain the illusion. The curtain is being pulled back.

There are no heroes…


One nation are not champions of freedom but full on authoritarian..

One Nation wants Biometric Identification