Punk Ass Apes

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Punk Ass Apes

Highly Recommended.

Do you feel lucky Punk? Well do ya?   If you feel lucky and want to go right down the rabbit hole and see how bad it really gets watch this.  I had to do some digging….and you know what…the scary thing is that she is right.  I had never heard of lunarpunk etc but I know now. What she said at about 27 minutes regarding cycles piqued my attention:

Bobby Goes Ape Signaling Austin’s Lunarpunks (39 mins)

This is the research I did..  and I sent her this message on YT:

Great video (and your hair looks nice-lolz). Anyway I am going to post it on my blog and I did a bit of research and it blew my mind as this is what I found on twitter in relation to FALCON , MOON and SOLAR etc .. . (I knew nothing about solarpunk or lunarpunk)...well here goes: FalconX or #FALX is OFFICIALLY Listed on #MOONTOK Utility after Utility we are ready to make some noise on the #Solana Blockchain! AND the Solana blockchain: Solana is a blockchain built for mass adoption ◎ Fast, composable, green, and globally distributed. Twitter by @SolanaFndn. Not only that but Musk has a rocket called the Falcon and one of the first creatures in space were apes (just brain storming). But Falcon ,Moontok and Solana are all linked to blockchain and crypto. It also has the whiff about it of techno-Gnosticism which (as a Christian) I find objectionable. Hope that all helps. PS. get something with some land and start growing...it is going to get bad.


Taylor Swift’s concert film is the highest grossing in history distributed by AMC theaters….it is all one great big mind F***


Mark my words the “Spirituality” behind this is Gnostic-Kabbalah…

Reminder RFK is not your friend:

You are not the Ape who is stronger together (“the collective”).  You are the stupid “naked” Ape addicted to your monolithic “smart Phone” and you are about to be enslaved using blockchain. Look at them predict your future.  Made by the same Jew who faked the moon landing and Eyes Wide Shut.  My we are dumb.  I think I might look back at his movie catalogue…. he was a prophet (lolz).

2001: A Space Odyssey, black monolith (3 min)