Putin losing Iraq war

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Putin losing Iraq war

According to Biden Putin is losing the Iraq war (lolz) which stacks up with the German Defense minister saying that the “Russian coup demonstrate the fragility of the German regime” and Zelensky having to cancel democracy (lolz) in order to save it.   Increasingly bizarre but not as crazy as Greta visiting Zelensky because nothing says “environment” more than causing methane leaks (blowing up Nord stream), flooding (blowing up the dam) and radiation damage (depleted uranium shells). No matter, the rich earth can be fertilized with Russian and Ukrainian blood.    These people are beyond the pall.

BREAKING: Putin clearly losing war in Iraq. Biden and Romania. Meloni, EU must ditch China. U/1 (23 min)

NATO to offer security ‘promises’ and Ukraine must keep fighting (33 min)

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