Russia, softly, softly

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Russia, softly, softly

I place the Jacob Dreizin report video at the top because it makes complete sense and has the ring of truth.  Russia’s initial approach was softly, softly because they were hoping for a negotiated peace settlement.  That did not happen because the US led NATO wants a proxy war. Now the Russians realize that no negotiation is possible and that this has become an existential threat they have gone all in.  The gloves are off.

What’s going on in the south of Ukraine? by Jacob Dreizin (13 min)

Despite all the fancy weapons and war porn this is the reality. Civilians living in basements like sewer rats and civilian bodies left in the open.

Ukraine Snipers Killed Civilians In Mariupol Says Residents (10 min)

How Donbass Militias Play Major Role in Ground War, EU Oil Sanctions Encounter Stiffening Resistance (30 min)