Science has all the answers

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Science has all the answers

Does science have all the answers?  Nope.  Will science have all the answers when the human mind is supplemented with Artificial Intelligence?  Nope. Whatever comes from the mind of man is flawed and the mind of flesh can never triumph over the Mind of the Spirit for God is Spirit and must be worshiped in Spirit and Truth.

Dr Kevin McCairn  commented on this video recently and it is worth featuring by itself.  Man thinks he has found his way back to the tree of life and is grasping at the fruit of immortality. Notice the role of “electricity” in all this (but is it electricity as we commonly understand the phenomenon?). There is so much we don’t know but it is becoming apparent that life is more than an assemblage of proteins.  Materialism and reductionist approaches will only get you so far.

Michael Levin: The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life | TED (20 min) 1 April 2021


JWST Images Raise Questions about the Big Bang (9 min)

Oh well…the Big Bang theory was first proposed by a Catholic priest (lolz)…who said you don’t need faith to believe “the science”?