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I call this Jonathan Couey’s “Scooby-Doo”  episode as he reckons that we have all been Scooby-Doo’d.  So I guess Jonathan is doing the great reveal.

JC is rather disparaging about Luc Montengier and his warning about HIV and prions followed by his death?? We know there has been a huge increase in neurodegenrative diseases and amyloidosis. JC throws a thrombie about humanized mice and thinks Huff mentioning them is only because they are referenced in the Defuse document. But clones are in the Defuse document as well.  What point is he trying to make?

I don’t think JC (who takes JFK’s coin) is correct. I do think GOF research is real (with or without a cloning element) and people did die from from Covid.  Was a “purified clone” being spread everywhere?  Perhaps.

There is no doubt that a psychological war was waged together with bio-warfare but it is not all an illusion as Jonathan suggests.  JC is starting to come across as unhinged and paranoid. He is in denial and wants to believe that bio-warfare is not possible.

Comments from the Discord:
Two days ago when JC was talking about how Andrew Huff is probably controlled opposition, he said that "I've been offered some weird opportunities that I've never followed through with": []
And that's again why I think we have to use the utmost scrutiny and the utmost skepticism when approaching someone who purports to be outing the entire US government and the entire US intelligence apparatus. And at the same time also, I guess, outing China or something. I don't know, it's strange and we've got to be very careful because I don't think we can take him at his word. Whatever it is, he could be mostly a good guy, just like Robert Malone might mostly be a good guy. But is the husband of your friend who occasionally cheats but is otherwise a great guy - I mean, is he really good guy? You know, I mean, that's what I think we're dealing with here - is people that are willing to lie very consistently and precisely about things in order to advance their personal position in the invisible hierarchy that is at play. And I have not - I have been offered some weird opportunities that I've never followed through with. And I wonder if some of these other people have just been offered these opportunities and followed through with them. It starts with the spike club. The people that have been really hot on the fact that the spike is a toxin. Some of them, if you think about it very clearly, have been on the spike protein for an abnormally long time. Like since the very beginning. "I'm not a virologist, but for some reason or another, I got this feather in my butt that says that the spike protein is a toxin and that it might be amyloidogenic or a prion." Somehow they got Luke Montagnier to put that out there and then he died. And we're not hearing about very many prion cases anymore, even though Luke Montagnier put out a paper in 2020 where there were like 26 cases of prion disease. So again, the truth has been obfuscated. That's for sure.
During the same stream, JC said that "If you're not calling a pandemic virus bullsh*t, if you're not calling gain-of-function through serial passage or animal passage bullsh*t, then you're not on our team." [, time 3:13:32] So did he really not follow through with the weird opportunities?

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