Slow boat to China

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Slow boat to China

A slow boat to China refers  to a person who losses steadily and handsomely (at poker) and it seems to me that the West has held a losing hand for some time.  China is Rothschild’s golem and they have used China to de-industrialize the West and now it looks like they are shutting China down?

Why are the Chinese suddenly pulling out all the stops regarding saving energy?  Do they really care so much about saving the planet and using renewable energy?   It sounds to me like they have been given their marching orders to make their economy “carbon net zero” so as to get ready for the next financial world order.   In the meantime they seem to be stock-piling coal.  What if they know that a very rapid cold change is about to occur?  Something strange is happening world wide.

Energy and Lost Civilizations

Hungary and Russia pipeline wrangle, China’s new high elevation mega-hydro project near SanXingDui a mysterious civilization arising and disappearing with out a trace. Global powers maneuver for the cycle onset.

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