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This is the fourth Spartacus podcast and it is very good.  It is only 23 minutes long and I have added a new category called podcast.

If my embed does not work in your browser you can go directly to the page using the following link:

The Rage Grows

My comment under the video:

Excellent podcast, but we are being played. The Great Reset=The Great Awakening. They know that there will be a backlash. The bankers ALWAYS win because they bet on both horses just as they bet on both sides of every war. The thesis and anti-thesis will be synthesized. When the time comes you will invite your slavery and welcome it with relief (lolz). This is game theory on a global scale and you are being psychologically nudged and mind controlled. There are no good guys. Only bad guys and worse guys and anyone still stuck in the left-right paradigm is a sucker.

Spartacus | Remembering Kirk Douglas | “I Am Spartacus!” (10 min)