Speeding up

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Speeding up

Suspicious Observers brought to our attention a few weeks ago research that showed that the earth rotation was speeding up. The scientists made projections about the future speed increases but those have already been shattered. Now it may seem that mere milliseconds are no big deal but rotation speed changes have effects on the low velocity zone etc slippage and crustal jerking hence earthquakes.  We are seeing a huge swarm of quakes near the Loyalty Islands (Dutchsinse reported this in his last broadcast).  Suffice to say that the earth is feeling the effects of space weather.

Loyalty Islands Spawn Massive Number of Earthquakes

Israeli News Live also picks up on the huge increase in quakes around the Loyalty Islands. The indo-australian plate is on the move. Steve also offers a balanced analysis of the “Capital riots”  and “terror attack”.  The media offer a false portrayal in order to demonize Trump supporters.  They will probably be labelled as domestic terrorists at some point. However, it will be difficult to control 80 million people by labeling them as extremists.  It is the old divide and rule ploy.


Here is Mike Morales latest report with some interesting news items as well as his latest weather report.  Some of the changes that we are seeing are definitely man made. It can no longer be denied that Geo-engineering is being applied on a global scale.  The problem is that we no longer have a base-line against which to standardize events.  How can we differentiate the natural from the artificial when different countries are involved in climate engineering?  What are the knock on effects?  (the law of unintended consequences) or more importantly the Butterfly Effect. You can modify the climate all you want with quantum computer modelling but in the end space weather will overwhelm human manipulation.