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The incoming Coronal Mass Ejection will cause electronic disruption and have health effects.  It is already causing swarming and will lead to bigger quakes. Below is a two minute highlight clip of the latest Dutchsinse video  (clip taken about 1 hour into the video)

Full video:

12/09/2020 — Swarms of earthquakes break out across whole West Coast of the USA into YELLOWSTONE

Stacks of earthquakes have developed across large regions of the West coast of the USA. Swarms of small events littered from volcanoes to pumping operations. Additionally. THOUSANDS of hot spots have appeared all at once across a good portion of the whole Central and Western USA. Most hot spots are next to large high voltage transmission power lines, power generation stations, power sub-stations, pipelines, and rail road lines. A few of the hot spots next to volcanoes, and at remote mountain locations. In addition…the arrival of the solar storm has begun.. up to 20 protons per cm.. and solar winds speeds into the mid 550km/s range. The incoming blast from the Sun physically forced the compression of the magnetosphere, as seen with the compression of the magnetopause down to next to the SATELLITES orbits — next to GOES etc… see the compression and buffeting of the magnetopause from December 9-10 , 2020 here http://www.sws.bom.gov.au/Satellite/3/2 The seismic increase is already noteworthy. Large swarms of small earthquakes are now occupying whole areas of the West Coast of the USA (across Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Washington, and California. Areas as far East as MAINE have been struck in the past 24 hours. This is already heavy activity (number of small earthquake wise) , but I would expect things to dramatically flare up even more now that the solar storm has arrived. I have NOT issued a new forecast yet, and will do so likely tomorrow at the latest (December 10, 2020). Until then hold onto your hats.

Geomagnetic Storm Prediction – Coronal Mass Ejection Incoming – Health Effects Explained – Grid Down

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