Sweaty man in undies writes blog

We are experiencing a heat wave in South Australia.  I am typing this in my undies with the air conditioning on (I will spare the readers any pictures). It is expected to peak over 45 Celsius over the next two days.   My attention was grabbed by a Sputnik News  article that mentioned South Australia in connection with Rossby waves.

Of course, this is anti-Greta propaganda but the mention of Rossby waves got my attention. Rossby waves, also known as planetary waves, naturally occur in rotating fluids. Within the Earth’s ocean and atmosphere, these waves form as a result of the rotation of the planet. … Oceanic and atmospheric Rossby waves —also known as planetary waves — naturally occur largely due to the Earth’s rotation.  The scientific article that Sputnik refers to is probably this one in Nature; Amplified Rossby waves enhance risk of concurrent heatwaves in major breadbasket regions .   This video offers a good explanation of the waves:


Climate Change?

Well, the climate is definitely changing but is it man made?   The scientist above suggests a much when he says that “if the world gets warmer then more extreme rainfall and heatwaves are to be expected”.  However, since this video we have also had extreme cold (polar vortex) and the sun also has Rossby waves.

Weird weather

We have always maintained that climate change is “God made” not “man made”.  The weather is not just getting “warmer” but the climate is changing.  The seasons are shifting and we are getting heat waves and polar vortex etc.  The discovery of the importance of Rossby waves demonstrates that there is much that we simply do not know.  The system is complex and chaotic and I believe that it is influenced by space weather and our own polar shift.  If our inner-core is starting to rotate surely this influences our weather? And why is our polarity changing?  So much that we simply do not understand.

Maunder Minimum

We are still in a Maunder Minimum which means no sunspots.  The year 1913 was also noted for 311 days without sunspots. It was a year filled with wild weather extremes including the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth in Death Valley, CA. The temperature recorded in 1913 was  56.7 Celsius (134 Fahrenheit).   Zharkova has become more careful about her pronouncements no doubt because she is feeling the heat (pun intended) from the climate nutters.  She believes that we are headed for another (mini?) ice age with the next cycle also being a minimum and I tend to believe her (because of her PCA stats and work on wave dynamics) rather than NASA that is predicting that the next cycle will be a solar maximum.  We will soon find out.

Greta the time traveler



Apparently Greta can time travel but could she have known that we will be saved by the banks? (LOL)


In conclusion

The weekend will be cooler!    Nice weather on Xmas Day and Boxing Day (25-26 Celsius).  Everyone coming around for a Barbie.  I will throw a shrimp on the barbie for you.  Enjoy the Xmas break and hope you all have a healthy New Year.