Terrorism and culture war

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Terrorism and culture war

Once again we turn to Russell the Free Mason and also JP both of them fighting against the culture war.  The culture war is a construct.  It is the result of the march through the institutes by Cultural Marxists.  So, although I like both of the videos because they point out the absurdity of the situation I feel we are being nudged and pushed.  Russell is supposedly “left wing” and here he takes a decidedly “right wing” position.  As far as I am concerned it is all Hegelian Dialectic.  Problem, reaction, solution.    The problem is the WEF, left-wing,  commie dialectic that needs to be defeated and they want you to beg for the (banker) solution.  Remember it is all manufactured.  The opposition is manufactured. The outrage is manufactured and the solutions are manufactured…all you need to do is ask for them  and you will be offered your place in the New Zion rather than the New World Order.  The trouble is that you will barely notice the difference. An iron fist in a velvet glove is still an iron fist.

And by the way…the old left is no more.    No matter your thoughts on left wing politics Jeremy Corbyn was a decent fellow and old school Labor who supported the working class and hated corporate exploitation.  He was removed on the grounds of Antisemitism.  They have captured all political parties.  Look at this clip and watch the full video if you want:

It Begins (12 min)

How to Get Along With Narrative Believers – NARRATIVE SCRIPTS (8 min)


It is all a game. Enjoy the ride. It should be fun apart from the hunger, disease and war (lolz)  You are in the matrix and one way or another they will get you not just to accept your enslavement, but to actually ask for it.  Anything, to give you relief from the constant anxiety.  They will break you down into a gibbering wreck so that they can build you back better.  As an obedient, compliant slave.