The Adjustment Reaction

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The Adjustment Reaction (30 min)

This is very good and recommended.  I prepared early because I understood what was coming and wanted to prepare and warn others.  Many actions were intuitive and early. 

This from the comments below:

I couldn’t watch. But read it. Nice  1. Be prepared  2. Think if scenarios and how you will react  3. Stay calm  4. Don’t try to convince others unless they trust you implicitly. Otherwise they will blame you and attack you.  5. Have boundaries and self respect. Stick to your plan and rules. If someone doesn’t want to follow leave them behind otherwise they will pull you both under  I’ve been through a lot in life. More than most. Go through enough and it will steel you. Empathy yes. Sympathy not so much. Allow myself to fail because someone wants to shame me, ridicule me, etc. Never. Times that are coming will test people greatly. How much you suffer or thrive will depend on all these things. People that doubt will find out. I know my bonafides. I have no need to prove them to others. But I know what I know and I know how good I am at what I do. I know very serious times are coming and already underway. The worst will probably not hit until late 2024 to mid 2025. You best be ready for 3 to 4 years of serious 💩💩💩. Good luck to all.

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