The Great Conspiracy

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The Great Conspiracy

Here is another video by Brendan O’Connell which basically repeats much of his older material about the formation of the World Island and the multi-polar world. He particularly focuses on Trump, Elon Musk, Kissinger, Steve Bannon et al as pushing for the split of the USA and succession of States like Texas.  America to be divided into a conservative Christian enclave and a liberal progressive (mainly coastal) smart cities.  I believe that he understands Putin as part of the WEF drive for a multi-polar world and sees both Putin and China as being no match (militarily) for the United States.

I think the situation is more complex and fluid than O’Connell understands. Putin is no good guy but Russia controls its own money. The Russian banking system is highly concentrated, largely state-controlled, and heavily regulated.In accordance with Article 75 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the monetary unit of the Russian Federation is the ruble, and money is issued exclusively by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Moreover, Russia (along with China) is building up massive gold reserves.  So, it could be said that Russia is independent of the East India Company Banking Cartel with its Central Banks etc.  It has also developed its own digital payment platforms.   I am coming to the conclusion that the reason the West is so anti-Putin is because he has turned against globo-homo and that it is not an act or geopolitical game-play.  He removed or neutralized any oligarchs that were too pro-west or a challenge to his authority and he changed the rules regarding  who could serve in Government.  None of this “dual-citizen” stuff (with split loyalties) for Russia. They were also following a policy of detente with the EU and especially with Germany -a policy that proved beneficial to all parties.    In general his policies are more conservative, pro-family and state controlled religion favoring Orthodox Christianity but tolerant towards the many Muslims (and Jews) that live in the different states of a federated Russia. This does not make him a saint by any means but neither does it make him the bogeyman portrayed by the West.

Secondly, Americas military might rests on its economic power and as I write this Saudi Arabia is turning towards China and Russia.  If the dollar loses its reserve currency status that will herald the end of Americas military power. The whole world has been financing the world hegemon who has been exporting inflation and war everywhere.  Perhaps a multi-polar world will bring back some balance.  Finally, O’Connell’s assessment of Russia’s failure in Ukraine is nonsense and will be proven to be wrong.  What was the last war that the West won?  As far as I can make out it was WW2 and they only won that because of Russia’s huge sacrifice.  They certainly did not win in Vietnam and the Middle East has been disastrous.   They left Afghanistan post-haste with their tail between their legs.   The whole process was disorganized and strange.  Did they expect to need the troops to fight Russia or China or was Biden blackmailed or forced to make a move?   Did he get instructions from the bankers to make way for the belt and road initiative?  Ukraine is proving to be a quagmire for the West and even Kissinger suggested that the West try diplomacy.

The fact is that the sanctions are not destroying Russia, they are destroying the EU and perhaps that was the intention all along.  The floods of refugees from the Middle East (and now Ukraine) neocon wars are also destroying the EU.  That is the result of Jewish neocon policies whether of the left or the right it makes no difference.

I believe that each nation state has been penetrated by technocrats  and technocratic bureaucracies and the political process have been corrupted but that is more difficult to do in authoritarian states who have already centralized power.  In America there are only bad choices and worse choices. Neither Biden nor Trump, left nor right is going to save you. And by the way…it looks like Trump is Jewish (see thread):

169.The Great Conspiracy – Ukraine & Kissinger & Associates (1:24)