The Last Trump

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The Last Trump

First your saviour has to calm the Storm (the Stormy Daniels). Are ye not entertained? Buy more popcorn.

Trump Rages After Indictment Announced, Will Be Arrested In Coming Days, DeSantis ‘Won’t Extradite’

And I thought De Sanctimonious was going to save us? (I must say Trump has a great turn of phrase lolz).

Why Trump is looking at a jump in his support (7 min)


A politician with integrity

I must admit that I have a soft-spot for the old-leftist Trotskyite because whether you agree with him or not at least he has integrity. He won’t be bought and he won’t be bullied. They drummed him out the Labour party as an “anti-Semite” (says it all). His brother Pierre (who went to that hornets nest Imperial College) fought against the vaccines and against the climate change nonsense and runs a weather/climate channel. Looks like a family with solid principles. Kier Stammer is a tool (and I am being kind).

Jeremy Corbyn Leaves Labour Party, Will Run As Independent! (7 min)