The republic of Dumbass

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The republic of Dumbass

As we now live in idiocracy where people have suspended rational thought and Putin has recognized the republic of Dumbass so that we can have a nice little banker war and even more reason to inflate to the moon and beyond. Think what this will do for energy prices another WEF bonus as the people of Europe freeze to death.  Should have built more windmills and tanks with solar panels.    

Russia Recognises Donbass Republics, Changing Forever the Geopolitical Balance in Europe (36 min)


Says the journalist holding the Stalin coffee cup in the republic of Dumbass.  Hello, hello, all  wars are banker wars.  The communist Revolution was funded by bankers.   You want to make war?   Make war against the bankers.

Joe Biden warns of the ‘beginning of a Russian invasion of Ukraine’ | SBS News(10 min)

Did they wipe Brandon’s butt before the press conference (as he declared to journalists before)…or is this a stand in?  At this point in time they all have their script and are acting out their roles.  The puppet masters are laughing at you.  They place venal, compromised and degenerate people in charge and inject you with toxic S-protein.  You really need to live in the republic of Dumbass.