The Roundtable #32: Garland Nixon

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The Roundtable #32: Garland Nixon

This is a very good discussion between  the “rightist” Gonzalo Lira and “leftist” Garland Nixon. Look for book by  Blinken in 1987 talking about stopping up Siberian pipeline (at about 1:30). You may need to view the other short videos in order to follow the discussion.  We are in big trouble.


The program starts by talking about the Fetterman vs. Dr Oz debate. Fetterman had a pacemaker and defibrillator implanted in his chest four days after his May 13 stroke to treat atrial fibrillation, or irregular heartbeat, and cardiomyopathy.  But don’t you dare say it has anything to do with the vaccine. Both these candidates are appalling.

Dumb & Dumber: PA Senate Race A Lose-Lose For Voters (6 min)

And they also comment on this letter to Biden:

Ukraine War Is For LGBTQ Rights Gushes Democrat Jamie Raskin (19 min)

The Roundtable #32: Garland Nixon (1:34)